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Pathway to Masculinity

Do you feel the call of Inner Work but don’t know where to get started? Our Pathway to Masculinity Course is a FREE entry point for guys looking to level up.

Cost: FREE

In the course you will:

  • Conduct an audit of 5 areas of masculinity
  • Engage in interactive exercises that’ll challenge you
  • Create a unique chart that’ll show you where to focus your self-improvement efforts
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The Prison of Perfectionism

In our work with high performers and business owners it is increasingly clear to us that their biggest obstacle to success is themselves. They are content experts in their field but are dragged down by their anxietypoor time managementinability to focus, and self-sabotage.

This course will help you overcome these emotional and organizational issues so that you can truly excel in your business and your personal life. 

Cost: $30

You will learn:

  • How and why perfectionism shows up in our lives
  • How to create organizational systems to overcome emotional barriers
  • How to uncover the deeper psychological roots of perfectionism
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