Venture Inwards


“One can be instructed in society, one is inspired only in solitude.”

― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

As men, we need to find time to get away. To shed our roles of worker, father, husband, or leader. We need to unshackle ourselves from the expectations of others and just get back to the basics. We need to return to a more wild and natural state: surviving, exploring, and connecting with nature. And, most importantly, we need to do this in a community of other men.

Men have gone on missions for millennia, whether it be hunting big game, scouting out a new place for a settlement, or searching for spiritual inspiration. In modern society, these experiences have been stripped from us. We live lives of isolation and domestication. For many of us life can feel empty, it can feel as though something is missing. We crave adventure, excitement, risk, and challenge. It’s on us to seek out these experiences and inject some wildness into our lives.

At Men’s Therapy Online we offer men’s retreats that will bring you back to life. We know that men grow through challenge and camaraderie. Overcoming obstacles with other men not only bonds us but cements in our minds that we are stronger and more capable than we think. Our Men’s Retreats will encourage you to push yourself beyond your preconceived notions and expand your sense of self. At our retreats, we inspire you to become better, connect deeper, and create meaningful change in your life.

All big changes require a catalyst—a men’s retreat could be yours.

What to Expect at a Men’s Retreat

At our retreats you’ll experience brotherhood. You’ll have the experience of connecting deeply with other guys and truly feeling like you belong. We know that, as men, just talking to each other isn’t enough—we need to feel as though we are part of a team and learn to rely on each other physically as well as emotionally. Throughout the retreat you’ll bond with the group by overcoming challenges and sharing about yourself. At the end, you’ll have a band of brothers that will encourage you and hold you accountable to making those major changes in your life.

At Men’s Therapy Online we offer two retreats for men: Wilderness and Inner Work.

Wilderness Retreats have you exploring the stunning landscape of the Colorado mountains. You’ll be hiking, camping, eating, and surviving with the group. Over the course of a weekend you’ll learn to work as a team and depend on each other. On the trail you’ll have the opportunity to push yourself physically, be inspired by the grand views of nature, and have the time and space to think without distractions. Then, around the campfire, our guides will facilitate deep conversations, nature rituals, and moments of reflection. With the Rocky Mountains as the backdrop, you’ll be encouraged to look inwards and see yourself clearly—perhaps for the first time.

At the Inner Work Retreat, you’ll be encouraged to push your emotional edges. The focus here is on courageous and honest conversation. During an Inner Work Retreat you will work with our facilitators to design a custom activity in which you will act out the current conflicts and dramas of your lives. You will embody the tough choices that you have to make or confront your past traumas directly. You can think of this work as a booster shot of therapy. It’s an intensive process that can kick start a major change or create a breakthrough insight. During this time of transformation you’ll be held by our community of men that’ll walk with you every step of the way.

Regardless of what format you choose, the men’s retreat experience will be transformative. You’ll walk away with a renewed sense of self, increased energy, and inspiration to take that next step in life. You’ll also create lasting relationships that you can continue to cultivate in our Men’s Groups and in our Slack Channel.

Benefits of a Men’s Retreat 

Retreats offer a unique opportunity for men to connect with themselves, create community with other men, and explore the world around them in a way that is often not possible in their everyday lives. The specific reasons why a man might want to attend a men’s retreat are as unique and diverse as the men themselves, but here are some of the most common themes:

  • If you feel the inner call to adventure
  • If you just need a break from the grind
  • If you’ve questioned “what it means to be a man?”
  • If you’re craving realness and authenticity
  • If you want to find your people
  • If you feel stuck at a crossroad in your life
  • If you find yourself falling back into old habits
  • If you feel lost and alone in the world
  • If you need a kickstart to get back on your feet
  • If you want to see how far therapy can go
  • If you are on the precipice of a big transition or change
  • If you want to truly see where your edges are

2024 Schedule

Wilderness Retreat:
The Seeds We Sow
July 19th-21st 2024

As the ice and snow melt in the mountains, delicate beauty starts to blossom. Wildflowers sprout, creeks start to run, and birdsong rings out through the forest. The world is starting to wake up and come back to life. The Spring is the time for new beginnings, new connections, and new growth.

During this retreat we will focus on revitalization. You’ll have space to shake off the stiffness of winter and take stock of your life. Then, you’ll be asked to create art from the natural world that symbolizes a new direction of growth. You’ll take this art piece back with you as a reminder of your commitment to yourself and your personal development.

This retreat will focus heavily on the group connections and nature-based ritual rather than on strength and endurance. There will also be time for silent walks, journaling, and introspection. It’s great for someone new to camping or who is looking to develop a more meaningful and intentional relationship with the natural world.

Learn More and Sign Up Here

Wilderness Retreat:
The Burdens We Carry
September 22-24 2024

All of us carry weight. Whether it’s a secret, a painful story from our past, or a sensitive heart. We all shoulder burdens in life. This retreat will be focused around a severance ritual that will help you let go of those burdens and finally free yourself.

During this retreat you bring, find, or create a representation of your burden. It can be an artifact from your life, a work of art, or a symbol found in nature. You’ll then share your burden with the group. You’ll be heard, understood, and validated by the group of men. Finally, together we will summit a mountain and cast our burdens into the great beyond.

Back at base camp you’ll connect with the community and devise ways to embody your severance. Perhaps there are powerful conversations that you need to have, maybe you need to make a career change, or you might just have to cut someone or something out of your life. No matter what you need your new band of brothers will inspire and hold you accountable to making the meaningful changes in your life.

Learn More and Sign Up Here

Inner Work:
The Masks We Wear
December 2024

This retreat blends art therapy, group therapy, and psychodrama to create a powerful experience that will act as a catalyst for growth. As a participant you’ll create a mask that represents a role that you feel stuck in or that no longer serves you.

Throughout the weekend you’ll be asked to engage in a personalized dramatization using your mask – you’ll embody this part and allow it to be truly seen for what it is by the community. By embodying this character you’ll see how it impacts you, shapes you, and keeps you stuck.

After embodying the mask you’ll enact a severance ritual in which you’ll take it off, once and for all. By being witnessed by your therapist and community of men, you’ll ensure that you’ll integrate this experience into your life. We’ll provide follow up calls and groups to ensure that you take the necessary steps of shedding this mask and truly becoming yourself.

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