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Being a teenager is hard. All of a sudden life gets real: they have to make decisions about their future, their grades start to matter, and their social and dating life becomes complex. Teens are often forced to confront adult issues with little preparation or guidance. As a parent, you want to be available for your child but they are starting to rebel. The family dynamics are rapidly shifting and it can be difficult to keep up!

That’s why therapy for teens can be instrumental. By providing a safe space and a trusted role model you can help to guide your teen towards success. Our team at Men’s Therapy Online works with you and your teen to improve communication and build emotional intelligence. Your teen will have a confidential space to talk about what’s really bothering them and you will get parent coaching to help them navigate their issues.

Counseling for teenagers can help them to overcome social anxiety, make responsible decisions about substance use, lean into the world of dating from a respectful place, and cope with academic pressure. But, most importantly, therapy can help your teenager become more fully who they are. Our licensed clinicians will guide them towards more self-discovery and self-acceptance. These are critical years of identity formation for teenagers. They are exploring how they want to show up in their relationships, and understanding what their strengths and weaknesses are. . Therapy can help them do so, allowing them to better process and make sense of their experience.

Our therapists also serve as positive role models for your teenager. It takes a village to raise a child, especially during the teenage years. Teens need to be exposed to different perspectives. In our culture most caregivers and teachers are female (76%) 1 which limits boys from connecting with older men. Furthermore, without a male role model boys are significantly less likely to succeed in college – there is currently a 15 percentage point gap in college grades between males and females with females having the higher scores. Teenage boys are getting lost in a rapidly changing social, educational, and political world. Boys need healthy men in their life in order to succeed.

Signs your Teenage Boy Might Need Therapy

As a parent it can be difficult to tell if your teen needs therapy.
Are their behaviors and emotional expression “normal” or connected to something deeper?
Is your child truly suffering or is this just part of being a teenager?

Our therapists will help you to recognize the signs of mental health struggles early so you can support your teen as they enter adulthood. Therapy for teens is becoming more and more accepted – there is no shame in asking for help and guidance. At Men’s Therapy Online we offer a supportive and friendly environment to ensure that your teen feels safe and accepted rather than stigmatized.


If you notice that your teen is disconnecting from their life they may be experiencing depression. Some tell-tale signs include social isolation, rapid weight changes, disinterest in hobbies, declining grades, and decreased communication. It can be difficult to reach your teen when they are shut down, they often don’t want to talk or even spend time with their family. The root cause of depression can be varied and it takes time, trust, and curiosity to understand what’s really going on. Our clinicians have the benefit of being outside of the family and your teen’s social network. Our private and confidential therapy sessions will help your teen come out of their shell.

Substance Abuse

While some form of experimentation with drugs and alcohol is typical for teenagers, it can quickly get out of hand. Teens can be put into difficult social situations where they have to make a decision about substance use in an instant. Without adequate drug and alcohol education, they can find themselves caught in a snowball of use, and potentially, abuse. Teens will often hide their experimentation from parents because they fear getting in trouble. Our therapists can help your teen honestly discuss and understand substances they are suddenly being exposed to, so they are better able to make informed decisions about use or non-use.


As your teen grows up, they may often appear more irritable and easily angered. Most teenagers go through an angry and rebellious phase. Maybe they direct that at their school,their country, or their parents. Our therapists will act as an outlet for their anger and help them to navigate the overwhelm and confusion that can often come with adulthood. We will also work with you, the parents, by translating your teenager’s anger into actionable items. We’ll help both of you open the channels of communication while preserving love and respect.

Learning Disabilities and Neurodiversity

While our culture is more accepting than ever, it is still difficult for teens with learning disabilities and neurodiverse diagnoses such as autism or ADHD. Not only do they have to find accommodations but they often have to deal with internalized shame and embarrassment. Above all, teens just want to belong. These labels can often make them feel outcast and othered. At Men’s Therapy Online, we will help your teen incorporate their diagnosis into their identity – understanding it as a part of themselves rather than an all encompassing label. We’ll also help your teen to advocate for themselves at school, in the workplace, and with their family.

Poor Self-Esteem or Body Image

With the advent of social media and 24/7 marketing, teens are constantly comparing themselves with unrealistic body types. Eating disorders, substance use, anxiety, and self-harm are higher than they’ve ever been among teenagers. They are being set up to fail by holding themselves to unrealistic expectations. A teen’s self-esteem can plummet when they are constantly comparing themselves to celebrities, models, and influencers. By enrolling your teenager in therapy you are providing them with a more realistic role model. We focus on helping teens connect with their reality rather than living someone else’s. Our therapists will encourage your teen to accept and love themselves for who they are.

Life Changing Event or Trauma

Sometimes life comes at us fast. Tragedy and trauma can often strike without warning. Maybe your teen has lost a loved one or is diagnosed with a chronic medical condition. Maybe they are experiencing bullying at school or just went through a painful breakup. Maybe you’re just learning about abuse that your teen experienced when they were younger. These events can devastate a whole family and turn everything upside down in an instant. Our licensed therapists will help you and your teen recover from these sudden and painful events. We are here to guide you and walk beside you as you start rebuilding your life and your family. While these moments are incredibly frightening and disturbing, they can also be powerful catalysts for change and connection. We will help your teen get back on their feet with a stronger foundation than ever.

Benefits of Online Therapy for Teens

Offering online therapy for teenagers and counseling gives us unique opportunities for connection and flexibility. For the computer-savvy teen, talking to our therapists online feels more familiar to them than visiting a sterile office building. Our therapy services fit seamlessly into their busy schedules and online lifestyles. Online therapy also cuts down on commuting time for families – we are available instantaneously from anywhere with internet connection! Additionally, your teen will get access to our Slack channel where they can connect with their therapist and other community members 24/7. That means when the drama in their lives hits, we can be available immediately.

After working with our team your teen can expect to increase their self-esteem, have a higher motivation to succeed academically, and have an easier transition from high school to college or full-time work. Furthermore, our therapists will help them have healthier relationships, better decision-making skills, and healthier coping skills. But, most importantly your teen will have a greater sense of their own autonomy, self-acceptance, and confidence to meet the challenges of adulthood head on.

Types of Counseling Available for Teens

Individual Therapy for Teens (13-21 yrs)

Our licensed clinicians will get to know your unique teen – their struggles, their strengths, and their dreams. We will inspire, encourage, and educate your teen on how to accomplish their goals and build a successful life. We’ll help your teen dig themselves out of a rut and enter into adulthood. Our therapists have experience working with teens in traditional counseling settings, wilderness therapy programs, and school settings. No matter what your teen brings to the table we’ll be able to support them.

Young Men’s Group (13-21 yrs)

Men’s Therapy Online has a specific Men’s Group for our younger members. We know how critical these years are for development. We aim to help boys grow into men. In our groups we help members connect, build emotional intelligence, and make sense of their changing worlds. Common topics that arise in these groups are: relationships and dating, substance use, and college and career path. Our group leaders will act as positive male role models that are accessible both in and outside of the group. We believe that boys need the support of a healthy community of men in order to truly come of age. We’ll help your teen develop self-confidence, discipline, and an honor code that they can take to their future endeavors.

Parental Role in Therapy

We know that your teen doesn’t live in a vacuum – they are a critical part of the family and their struggles can impact everyone in the household. At Men’s Therapy Online we directly involve the parents and siblings in the therapy process. You’ll be asked to attend a monthly family session with our therapists in order to check-in, share your experience, and hear from your teen. We believe in working with the entire family system in order to provide the best possible care for your teen. We will also encourage your teen to openly communicate about their experience and concerns in the family. By keeping these channels of communication open you’ll ensure a long-lasting and healthy relationship with your teen as they enter adulthood.

Try Teen Counseling with Men’s Therapy Online

We hope that we’ve peaked your interest in therapy for teens with Men’s Therapy Online. Giving your child access to a community of emotionally mature men is one of the greatest gifts that you can give. It’s so rare to find male role models, teachers, and mentors in the school system. Your teenage boy will benefit from connecting with our team and hopefully build lifelong relationships with the other guys in the program.

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