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Men use drugs and alcohol because they provide an escape. They numb out the bad feelings and accentuate the good ones. We like to be in control so we use substances to throttle our inner experience. In our culture it’s more acceptable to drown out our sadness with a drink than to cry in front of our wives. Furthermore, we can gain social status by being the guy that can “handle himself” when intoxicated. Substance use is both accepted and encouraged in men.

So, it’s no wonder that men fall victim to out of control substance use. What can start as a quick fix for negative feelings or a party lifestyle can quickly spiral out of control and embed itself in our lives. We can become dependent on drugs and alcohol for emotional coping and emotional enjoyment. So much so that some men feel as though they aren’t really “themselves” unless they’ve had a few drinks or smoked a joint.

Men’s Therapy Online is a place to start to reverse the pattern. Our licensed clinicians provide substance use therapy services that can help you to determine the severity of your substance use and come up with a plan to reduce or remove it from your life. We also work with a network of treatment centers and rehabs that we can connect you with if you’d prefer a more intensive program. Our clinicians are in your corner for the long haul, we’ll make sure you get where you want to go.

Offering online substance use therapy and counseling gives you a unique advantage. We are available from anywhere with internet connection—if you live an active lifestyle or travel for work you can bring your therapist with you. Additionally, you’ll get access to our Slack channel where you can connect with your therapist and other community members 24/7. That means when a craving hits you’ll have someone to talk to right away. Furthermore, our sessions are completely private and confidential; so, if you are not ready to talk about these issues publicly, you can start your journey in confidence.

Common Substances

We work with substance use most common to men: alcohol, marijuana, porn, gaming, and poly-substance abuse. Our team includes specialized licensed addiction counselors as well as counselors who are in recovery themselves. Not only are we experts in the field but, we’ve been there ourselves.


I don’t need to tell you how common alcohol is. It is the most commonly used substance by men and it poses the highest risk. Alcohol use takes a variety of forms: perhaps you don’t drink a lot but you drink every day after work, or you binge drink on the weekends, or maybe you don’t drink that often but when you do you get angry or depressed. Any of these patterns can be a slippery slope. Habitual use of any kind removes your power and short-circuits your emotional processes. Men’s Therapy Online can help you at any stage of the journey, whether you want to quit drinking or just find healthy moderation.


Marijuana is one of the sneakiest drugs out there. Most marijuana users are daily smokers and report that marijuana has little impact on their lives. Recently, marijuana has been touted as a treatment for anxiety, eating disorders, and muscle soreness. However, when you dig beneath the surface we find that marijuana users feel just as out of control as other addicts. They have trouble finding motivation and can stay stuck in life. Marijuana has a way of keeping us small and content rather than striving for our dreams and taking risks. For men, marijuana use can be even more detrimental as it has been linked to decreased testosterone levels.


For most guys, our sexual education came from pornography. We didn’t have “the talk” with our parents and our schools didn’t teach us anything beyond basic anatomy. Many of us discovered porn in our adolescence and incorporated it into our lives without thinking. While pornography isn’t inherently bad, it does rewire our brains. Habitual porn use can result in premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and decreased pleasure from sex. It also contributes to feelings of loneliness and disconnection. At its worst, porn use can spiral out of control and cost us exorbitant amounts of money and time. Just because pornography isn’t a drug doesn’t mean it should be taken less seriously, porn floods the brain with serotonin and dopamine just like a chemical high and we can get addicted to it all the same.


Whether it’s sports betting or video games, the rush that we get from winning is intoxicating. Just like any drug we can get hooked to that feeling. If we’re not careful, gaming can expand from being an enjoyable hobby to the central pillar in our lives. Our emotional state can become anchored to the outcome of the game. Our therapists at Men’s Therapy Online take a nuanced view of gaming and will help you rediscover a healthy relationship with entertainment and media. We take compulsive gaming as seriously as any drug or alcohol issue. We’ll listen to you and help you become free of its hold over your time and your wallet.

Poly-substance Abuse

This is a catch all term for “everything and anything.” Men that are really in the thick of it will take nearly any drug presented to them. They’ll mix and match as they please; maybe it’s a party night of vodka and cocaine, or a week long festival bender of LSD, mushrooms, and beer, or a finely tuned daily habit of adderall, xanax, and a shot of whiskey. As men, we find ways to induce and control our emotional worlds through substance use. Substance Use therapy services at MTO, will help you peel back the layers and discover what motivates your substance use. Then, we’ll help you regulate and tune your emotions without the crutch of substances.

Comprehensive Care

At Men’s Therapy Online, we offer a comprehensive care model that goes beyond the typical private practice therapist. We want to set you up for success by offering 24/7 check-ins, habit tracking, and a sober community that you can rely on while you’re making this monumental change in your life.

By becoming a member you’ll get access to:

These benefits make Men’s Therapy Online the place to go whether you want to start making change or you’re looking to rebuild your life after kicking the habit. We know that making a major change isn’t easy, but we have the support structures in place to help you beat the odds.

Benefits of Substance Use Therapy for Men

Working with other men is critical to get sober. We’ve been there, we know how dark it can get. Many of our members and some of our therapists are currently in recovery. We’ve all seen, heard, and experienced a lot. That means we won’t judge you for your past. Everyone has made mistakes and hit low points in their lives. Our team and community will embrace you with open arms and help you get back on your feet.

We also won’t pull our punches. Men need other guys that can see through their bullshit and tell it to them straight. We respect you enough not to enable addictive behavior that keeps you stuck. Our team can handle it. We want to elevate your life and help you become the man you were meant to be.

Our Guides

Marc Azoulay

Marc Azoulay


Special Proficiencies/Interests:

  • Defining and developing a masculine core
  • Substance abuse recovery
  • Overcoming social anxiety
  • Discovering and rebuilding spiritual practice
  • Leadership development
Desmond Cohen

Desmond Cohen


Special Proficiencies/Interests:

  • Skillful use of technology and links to mental health
  • Substance Use and behavioral change
  • Career development and advocacy
  • Power, privilege and identity
  • Late teens, adults, finding purpose and meaning
Dr. Eric Dooley-Feldman

Dr. Eric Dooley-Feldman


Special Proficiencies/Interests:

  • Performance psychology (all athletes with focus on endurance)
  • Positive organizational culture and burnout prevention
  • Adolescents & family systems
  • College Success
  • Eco-advocacy & change

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