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Executive Coaching Services at Men’s Therapy Online will help you to realize your professional goals. Our coaches provide a holistic strategy that is built upon over a decade of experience. From resume building to organizational skills and from public speaking skills to emotional regulation, we will ensure that you move forward towards your goals. You’ll meet with your coach regularly to confront the problems and obstacles in your life head-on. During a typical session our coaches will help you to identify blindspots so that you can brainstorm effective solutions, and then you’ll be provided with the tools, resources, and accountability to put your plan into action.

Working with an executive coach is the difference maker; one case study, Matrix Global, reported a 788% ROI for coaching services1. About 60% of companies invest in coaching for their employees and 39% of CEOs have an executive coach2. The top five most common benefits of business coaching are increased self-confidence (80%), improved relationships (73%), communication skills (72%), interpersonal skills (71%), and work performance (70%)3. Furthermore, companies that “spend aggressively on employee development” each outperformed the S&P 500 by 17-35%4. By investing in coaching you are not only giving yourself the best chance of success but you’re helping your company to grow.

Our Executive Coaching Services are targeted towards men in leadership roles or for those interested in leadership positions. We’ve worked with leaders from managers and supervisors all the way up to CEOs. Whether you are building a company or want to advance up the ladder, let us be your mentor as you shape your career.

Areas of Focus

With a unique combination of both coaching and psychotherapy, our providers are able to go beyond the limitations of traditional coaching and be more effective than standard psychotherapy. By working both on the tactical and the emotional levels, we can move you towards your career goals more effectively. We also understand that your journey is unique, that’s why we’ll work with you to create a custom roadmap for your advancement. Here are some areas of growth that our executive career coaches focus on:

Career Change or Advancement

Whether you want to enter a new industry or advance in your current company, our executive coaches are here for you. If you’ve felt like you’ve hit a wall our coaches will help you to diagnose the problem and continue moving forward. We’ve worked with countless clients that have bettered their lives by switching up their career. While we specialize in working within the software technology and wellness industries we have also worked with clients in the insurance, financial, legal, pharmaceutical, and education industries. Our executive career coaches focus on building your mindset and skill set so that you make meaningful change in your life. We’ll also connect you to our network of recruiters to explore concrete job opportunities and give you a leg up over the competition.


Starting a business is hard; it can be lonely, confusing, and demanding. Often, the people in your life don’t understand what it takes or what it costs to build something out of nothing. While there are a ton of resources out there for entrepreneurs we’ve found that nothing replaces direct one on one mentorship. Our executive coaches have all had experience as entrepreneurs and intimately know the struggles as well as the benefits. When you work with us you’ll get access to all our combined years or experience as well as tangible resources and templates to get your business started. This kickstart can help propel you faster and further than the competition. Entrepreneurship is a common topic in our Men’s Groups so be sure to check out that page if you’d like to be connected to other leaders.

Work/Life Balance

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a contractor, or an employee we know that work/life balance can be a struggle. The modern workplace is so demanding and it’s often difficult to tell when a boundary is being crossed. Is all the extra work “what it takes” to move forward or are you being taken advantage of? As your executive career coach, we’ll help you wade through the noise to get an accurate view of your working lifestyle. Then, we’ll help you to shift it, one step at a time, towards something that is more sustainable. We’ll help you untangle the knot of obligation and regain control of your schedule. Don’t let your family, friends, or physical health suffer because of a job! Reach out to us to seize the wheel and start steering again.

Executive Presence Coaching

Research conducted by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Center has all concluded that 85% of job success comes from having well‐developed soft and people skills, and only 15% of job success comes from technical skills and knowledge5. So, if you’re wondering why you aren’t advancing in your career it is likely due to a lack of Executive Presence – the combination of communication skills, confidence, charisma, and professional image. Our executive coaches will help you to develop these soft skills through personalized training, roleplays, and skill building. We’ll leverage our psychology backgrounds to educate you on evidence-based strategies to build gravitas and influence others. Moreover, we’ll help you to conquer long-held fears of public speaking, failure, or commitment. By breaking down the barriers that hold you back you’ll be able to soar to new heights.

Executive Functioning Skills

Being a leader requires so much more than technical knowledge. It requires organizational, relational, and speaking skills. Unfortunately these skills are rarely taught and are expected to be learned on the job. That’s a recipe for disaster! Our executive career coaches pull from a variety of research-backed methods such as Non-Violent Communication, Agile Project Management, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and the Getting Things Done system. Getting trained in these tools will provide you with concrete skills that you can leverage in meetings, client calls, and job interviews. We’ll not only train you but help you troubleshoot and personalize the skills to your personality, job role, and industry. Investing in these executive functioning skills will be invaluable for your future if you’re interested in pursuing a leadership role.

Conflict Management

Conflict is a natural and expected part of growing a company or managing a team. As the work gets more complex, communication becomes more important. Managing a team or running a small business is often more about the personalities involved than the work itself.

At Men’s Therapy Online, our executive coaches will help you keep your cool during conflict and train you in evidence-based methods of communication. We pull from Non-Violent Communication, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and the Crucial Conversations Methods to ensure that you are building skills that will last your whole career. Better yet, conflict management skills will help you in your personal life as well! Learn to speak your truth with confidence, weight, and influence.

Culture Building

Running a business or leading a team is a lot like being a parent – you are expected to have all the answers and your employees are always watching you. Your actions and temperament set the culture of your work group. Written company values only matter if they are enacted everyday. So many companies and teams say one thing but do another. Overtime, this mismatch degrades psychological safety and can create a toxic working environment. Working with an executive coach can help to shed light on the values, assumptions, and expectations that you are bringing to your team. We will help you embody your company values so that you can create a healthy workplace culture. It all starts with you and ripples outwards.

Team Management

It takes more than just Project Management to lead a team or small business to success. It takes charisma, confidence, and an understanding of the team’s dynamics with each other. Our executive coaches have been trained in the art of group dynamics and group therapy. We excel at bringing teams together and facilitating difficult conversations. Don’t let your vision be undermined by gossip or watercooler talk – work with one of our coaches to bring the issues to the forefront where they can be addressed. Our executive coaching team will train you in group dynamics so that you can build more successful teams that work well together, empathize with each other, and cover for each other’s weaknesses and gaps in knowledge.

What Makes Men’s Therapy Online Unique?

The main thing that sets us apart from other executive coaches is that all of our staff are also licensed psychotherapists. This allows us to provide you with the full spectrum of expertise. We can help you to unlock and break through the unconscious barriers that hold you back. By understanding and working through your past trauma and cultural conditioning you will be able to take control of your life in ways that you never thought possible. Couple that with tried and true coaching methods and you have the recipe for success!

What to Expect

We offer executive coaching services that meet your needs and your budget. Individual coaching is for the client that wants personalized, hard-hitting, and targeted work. Our coaches will take the time to get to know you and your specific career goals before moving forward. Then, they will develop an actionable plan to propel you towards your goals. They’ll also put you in touch with our network of specialists, recruiters, and teachers that will help you develop specific skills and tools that’ll benefit your career.

A typical individual executive coaching session is 50 minutes once a week or twice a month. You’ll also gain access to our member’s only Slack Channel where you can interact with other guys on the path and connect with your coach on-demand. The sessions are online so that you can fit them into your busy work schedule – many of our clients schedule sessions before or after important meetings, conferences, and presentations to get into the right mindset so that they can knock it out of the park!

You will start seeing results within the first month. One of the benefits of coaching is that you can really focus on specific tactical issues in your life. Our executive coaches will provide you with concrete and actionable solutions to move forward. Once you’ve gotten out of the rut our coaches will act as a mentor and sounding board that you can call on at any time. We are in your corner and provide a confidential space outside of your organization to work on the hard and complex issues.

While our executive coaching services focus on your career, the benefits also carry over to your personal life. Since all of our coaches are also trained as therapists we can address the full breadth of your mental health. In working with our coaches you’ll practice healthy communication, build confidence, develop a clear vision for your future, and finally achieve work/life balance. Those benefits will not just change your career, they’ll change your life.

Ready to level up your career?

Are you ready to take the next step and start moving forward? Investing in yourself now is a surefire way to set yourself up for the future. Whether your goal is financial security, broad impact, or simply just wanting to enjoy your job, our executive coaches will get you there. You owe it to yourself to stack your deck.


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