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In the United States around 50% of marriages end in divorce. It goes without saying that divorce can be devastating, especially for men. In an instant we can lose our partner, children, friend network, and our financial stability. It can feel like our world is crumbling around us.

Without guidance and support we can make things worse: we can ramp up our substance use, isolate ourselves from our social networks, and have angry outbursts at the people who we love the most. Men are far less likely than women to reach out for help and are therefore more likely to stay stuck at the bottom of the hole for longer periods of time. How many of you know a guy who was never quite the same after his divorce? Divorce therapy for men can help you to get back on your feet and start rebuilding your life.

There is such a stigma around divorce. Men often see it as a personal failure. We wonder if we weren’t successful enough or good enough in bed. We wonder where the spark went – what happened to that person I fell in love with? So often men are left with a million questions and no answers or closure. They are left navigating a legal system and fighting to preserve their assets and income. And, they are left in the great unknown wondering if it’s worth it to start over.

At Men’s Therapy Online we hope to break the stigma of men asking for help. Our licensed therapists will help you to get back on your feet. You’ll be able to talk to our experts in a confidential space – we are interested in hearing your side of the story. Step by step, we’ll walk you through the emotional and logistical process of digging out of the hole. We believe that every man is entitled to happiness and healing regardless of his past. We can all learn, change, and grow through this process.

The Unique Challenges Men Face During Divorce

Starting Over

Your family just exploded! So, now what? How do you navigate childcare? Family holidays? Shared friends? Where do you go to shop for groceries!? From the macro all the way down to the micro your life has changed fundamentally. Things that you used to take for granted no longer exist. You’ll be presented with the opportunity to reset from a blank canvas. At MTO we’ll help you to paint a masterpiece instead of being paralyzed by the unknown

Managing relationships with children and ex-partner

If you have a co-parenting agreement or you share custody you’ll have to interact with your partner. We know that this can be hard, there is usually so much unresolved tension. Being around your ex and your children can bring up grief, anger, shame, and fear. With the help of our psychotherapists you will have the opportunity to understand these emotions and develop strategies so that you can coexist with your family. You don’t have to be friends but you do have to work together. We’ll help you to navigate these waters honorably so that you can do what’s best for your children.

Declining Physical Health

When men go through tough times we tend to neglect our physical health. We put on weight, pick up smoking or drink more. What feels good in the moment can start to have negative long term effects. Without a healthy outlet, our pain turns inward. Furthermore, divorced men often lose access to their friends and their active communities. Isolation is a killer.  Look, it’s understandable that you’d fall off the horse, we’re here to help you get back on.

Financial hardship

It’s no secret that men bear the brunt of the financial strain during a divorce. We can find ourselves burdened by child support and alimony payments that seem to last forever. Not to mention a pile of legal fees if you ever want to change the arrangement or fight for custody. Many men are forced to downsize their lives in order to afford their divorce. At Men’s Therapy Online, we’ll help you to keep your head on straight and to make decisions that preserve your financial security while ensuring that your kids are properly taken care of.


Maybe you hate your partner. They may have cheated on you, stolen from you, turned the kids against you, or just flat out broken your heart. That anger lives deep inside of you and can start to burn you up from the inside. In our confidential therapy sessions and Men’s Retreats you’ll be encouraged to let it all out. Scream, cry, and curse to your heart’s content. Our guides can handle your intensity and help you to find a way through the rage. Letting it out is the first step towards healing. We are here for you, all of you.

How Men’s Therapy Online can help

Individual Therapy

Our online individual men’s divorce counseling fits with your schedule, allowing you to regularly see your therapist on your time. Additionally, you’ll be able to contact your therapist 24/7 through our Slack Channel so if a trigger pops up you can get in-the-moment support and advice. We know that tricky social situations can crop up at any moment. So, our therapists are available to help you cope and strategize for whatever comes your way.

Men’s Groups

Our men’s groups will help you to dispel the stigma around divorce. Hearing about what other guys are working through can normalize the process and reduce any shame you may have. Your group members will hear your side of the story, help you find meaning, and walk next to you as you start moving forward. Many of our members have either been through divorce or are children of divorced parents so they have insight on how to deal with the complexity. Your group at MTO can be the start of your new, better, social life.


Lastly, our retreats will challenge you beyond your limits and shatter your shame. Not only will you be encouraged to face your fears in the moment but you’ll be supported by a band of brothers that will cheer you on every step of the way. Leaning into the MTO community will mean that you’ll never be alone again. We have your back.

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