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“Strength requires an opposing force, courage requires risk, mastery requires hard work, and honor requires accountability to other men.”

– Jack Donovan, The Way of Men

We need each other to challenge and inspire us to be the best men we can be. For millennia, men have been gathering in lodges, hunting parties, and spiritual communities. And yet, in this modern day and age it’s so rare to find other guys who just want to talk. Our culture has destroyed a rich history of mentorship, accountability, and growth in a matter of decades. Men are more isolated as ever with many of us working remote jobs, being more sedentary, and losing touch with cultural traditions. At Men’s Therapy Online we want to reverse this trend with Men’s Groups designed to give men a space to connect and inspire each other to be better.

By enrolling in a Men’s Group you’ll take the first step in building a real community. You’ll meet other guys who have gone through similar struggles and emerged stronger on the other side. Our groups are a mix of support and practice. The support component means that our groups are safe spaces – places to talk about the challenges in your life. You’re encouraged to show up messy, angry, sad, or confused. The other members and group facilitator will help you to untangle the knot of thought and emotion in order to take a step forward with a clear head and an open heart. The practice component encourages our members to try out new social behaviors such as reflective listening and conflict management. By combining these two aspects Men’s Therapy Online stands out in the field and provides you with a life changing experience and a life long community.

Our Men’s Groups meet Monday-Thursday from 5:30-7:00 Mountain Standard Time
They cost $300 a month

Divorced Dad’s Support Group


Our solution to helping more dads rebuild and start living a life they’re proud of is an exclusive small group and community tailored to the issues and solutions you need to get results.

The group meets weekly and consists of:

✅ Weekly small group meeting of up to 6 divorced dads like you

✅ Led by a licensed male therapist

✅ Safe & confidential environment

✅ Resources & self-improvement exercises

✅ Accountability

✅ Online Community including 24/7 slack access

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Issues that Men’s Groups Help With

The men’s groups at Men’s Therapy Online cover various themes, including: finding life purpose, being the “rock” in relationships, navigating substance use, and finding strength in emotional vulnerability. In group, we speak from the depth of our hearts, minds, and souls and strive to address these common men’s issues with as much courage and brutal honesty as possible.

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Improving Communication

I won’t sugar coat it – men can be savage. We can have intense emotions, harsh judgements, and moments of true hatred and rage. It can seem brutal and violent but that’s just how we express ourselves. In the Men’s Groups we can handle all of the darkness and pain that you carry. Our licensed therapists will help you to wade through that muck and discover what you really feel about the situation. Then they, and the other members, will help you to craft a conversation with your loved one, boss, or family member that gets the point across without scaring them away. One of the main benefits of Men’s Groups is that you can share the raw emotions and we’ll help you to craft it into a workable form that you can bring to the outside world.

Building Emotional Intelligence

Some guys have the opposite problem – they don’t know what they feel. When they look inside their emotional world they can feel numb or empty. They move through life like a robot, focusing on the most practical and logical solutions but not really feeling anything. In the Men’s Groups, we will help you to get in touch with your emotional world. Our facilitators and members will mirror emotional tones and help you to narrow in on what you’re really feeling. Not only will building emotional intelligence help you to overcome numbness or depression but it will help you to be more effective at work and in your family.

Nice Guy Syndrome

As guys we are taught to be ashamed of our aggression. We are told to “keep it together,” or to “play nice.” We push down our true feelings and default to people-pleasing behavior. While this may get us what we want in the short-term it can result in repressed anger, imposter syndrome, and full on depression in the long run.

In the Men’s Groups, you’ll be able to study Nice Guy Syndrome in real time and experiment with finding your voice with your other group members. By practicing new communication strategies in a supportive environment you can then take your experience out of the group and into the world. Our Men’s Groups will help you to create the life that you want rather than the one that others define for you.

Divorce & Breakups

Unfortunately divorce is all too common. In an instant our lives can be destroyed and we have to build ourselves back up. During a divorce many guys lose their friends, maybe they side with your partner or maybe they drifted away while the relationship was getting rocky. At any rate, our Men’s Groups will provide you with a crash pad to spring back up from. Many of our members have used their divorce to take an honest inventory of themselves and build back better. At MTO, we’ll pick you up when you fall and help you to achieve greater heights.

Join our Divorced Dads Support Group


Being a father is a core part of being a man. Raising children is an honorable and important task. It’s not easy and it’s often thankless but it’s rewarding. Many of our group members are fathers and we encourage honest conversation about the pressures, logistics, and compromises that come with fatherhood. Being a Dad often means sacrificing part of ourselves in service of our children. It’s also one of the most important times to be engaged in therapy. We will help you to understand how your father impacted you and help you to determine which messages you’d like to pass on and which ones you’d like to replace. Break the chain of your family lineage and carve a new path for the next generation.

Work & Purpose

Whether we like it or not men are often defined by their job. It’s the first thing people know about us and it creates a mental model of who we are. For many men working can be a source of purpose and meaning in our lives – it can also be the source of our stress and burnout. In our Men’s Groups everyone is equal, no matter their income or job title. We work to break down these hierarchies so that we can have honest conversations about our work. We understand the pressure to perform and the burden of being a provider. In our groups you will be able to let your guard down and talk about the trials and tribulations of your work in a confidential, judgment-free environment. If you’re interested in a deep dive around career advancement or a career shift check out our Executive Coaching services. We will help you design a career and lifestyle that serves you, not the other way around.

If you struggle with any of these issues or are craving an honest conversation with other guys, joining a Men’s Group is right for you. We’ll cut through the bullshit and give you raw conversation that will produce results. You’re not alone.

How does it work?

Our Online Men’s Groups are led by licensed therapists that are not only trained in group facilitation but have all been members of men’s groups themselves. Our licensed therapists will facilitate the conversation by highlighting common ground, asking pointed questions, and providing psychoeducation and context for the discussion. However, the real value of the group is the bonds that you’ll create with the other members. You’ll develop friendships and over time feel as though your group members are your chosen brothers. These deep relationships can be difficult to find, but at MTO, we help you to create meaningful connections that will last a lifetime.

Benefits of joining a Men’s Group

The benefits are twofold: first, you’ll get support, understanding, and advice from other guys who are on the same path of self-development that you are. Second, you’ll have a safe laboratory setting where you can experiment with new ways of being and communicating.

The combination of these two processes will help to forge you into a better man with more emotional range and a deeper understanding of yourself. Furthermore, you’ll be a part of a real community of men that extends outside of the group into our retreats and events.


How many people are in a group?

We cap all of our online groups at 6 members plus one group facilitator, this helps the groups feel personal and ensure that everyone gets a chance to speak.

How much does the group cost?

Our groups operate on a subscription model. For $300 a month you’ll get access to a weekly 90 min online men’s group. Additionally, you’ll be invited to join our Slack Channel where you can connect with your group facilitator and group members between sessions.

When are groups available?

Currently our groups meet weekly from 5:30-7:00 on Monday-Thursday online. We try to schedule the groups when our members are not working. If that time doesn’t work for you or if you’d like to suggest another time slot please email us with your feedback.

Is there an in-person option?

No, right now, all of our groups are online. However, group members are all invited to attend our in-person retreats in Colorado. This is an opportunity to bond with your groupmates and build lasting memories and connections.

Do I get to decide which group I join?

By setting up a call with our founder you’ll get the chance to share your story and learn more about the men’s groups. Together, the two of you will decide which group is the best fit for you and your needs.

Are all the groups the same?

While our philosophy at Men’s Therapy Online is consistent, each group takes on its own unique culture and themes. After speaking with our founder, you’ll be placed into a group that matches with your goals and life stage.

1. Donovan, Jack. The Way of Men. 2012

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