Inner Work Retreat: December 1st-3rd

The Masks We Wear

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Masks have been used throughout human history to accentuate different facets of the psyche. Men have donned animal masks to embody their wild aspects and worn the masks of gods to commune with the divine. Masks let us step out of the mundane world and into the realm of dreams, theater, and play.

In the modern world, we rarely (if ever) get the chance to participate in this ancient practice. The masks that we wear are our employee uniform, our business suit, or our team jersey. We also put on subtler masks: the doting husband, the optimistic father, or the strong silent type. If we’re not careful, we can get stuck in these roles and forget to take the mask off.

In this retreat participants will be asked to create a mask that represents a role that they feel trapped in. Then, they will engage in personalized group processes that incorporate the mask. Finally, we will end with a severance ritual, destroying the masks so that you can be free to be more of yourself.


November 28th – Orientation and Introduction Zoom Call

PM December 1st – Meet up at the Peaceful Meadow Retreat Center in Boulder, CO
PM December 1st – Mask creation and Art Therapy Process
AM December 2nd – Men’s Group around Roles
PM December 2nd – Personalized Group Processes for each individual member
PM December 2nd – Severance Ritual around a communal fire
AM December 3rd – Morning Men’s Group and Integration

PM December 5th – Integration Zoom Call
PM December 15th – Integration Zoom Call


The most important part of any retreat is integration – taking all that you’ve learned and experienced and making it real. This means making commitments to yourself and the other Men on the retreat. You’ll have community support to make changes in your life, have difficult conversations, or quit a bad habit. At Men’s Therapy Online we believe that it’s long-term community support that helps men grow. The retreat experience can kick start a change but it takes hard, consistent work to cement it.

After the retreat you’ll be invited to a touchdown group two days later, on the 5th and another integration group the following week, on the 15th. These Zoom calls are a place to reconnect with the other participants and facilitators as well as update us on the progress that you’ve made. Some retreat participants then go on to join one of our Men’s Groups to continue the cadence of support and accountability.

Fees and Travel Logistics

The Retreat costs $800. This includes the Retreat itself, one Orientation and two Integration Zoom Calls as well as food and board at the retreat center.
Participants will also have the option to schedule an individual Zoom Call with the facilitator before or after the retreat for $200 to further personalize the experience.
Participants will be responsible for their own transportation to the retreat center.
Additionally the participant list will be made available to you prior to the trip to coordinate shared transportation.

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