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What differentiates Men's Therapy Online from other psychotherapy providers?

MTO is truly a unique program built off of over a decade of industry experience. Compared to the typical therapy provider we offer a much stronger focus on community building. We believe that healing comes from connection with others – not just your therapist. By focusing on Men’s Groups and Retreats we aim to break the feelings of isolation that typical therapy can sometimes evoke. Additionally, by being a therapy provider for men, by men we are able to provide services tailored specifically for the male brain. If you’ve ever thought that therapy was too soft, easy, or frankly – bullshit MTO is here for you. We are breaking the mold of traditional therapy by taking it outside of the office and into the wild, out into the world, and in the palm of your hand.

What happens during the free 30-minute consultation call?

On the call you’ll chat with our founder, get the chance to learn about the Men’s Therapy Online model and our pricing structure. We’ll get the chance to learn about your specific needs and goals for therapy. Once we’ve learned about each other you’ll be assigned a therapist that will guide you on your journey. You’ll be able to book with your provider immediately following the call.

How long will therapy take?

Although there is no way to predict how long an individual’s therapeutic journey may take, our average client remains in individual counseling for 1-3 years. During this time they will be diving deep into their personal history in order to understand their unique situation and circumstances. By developing a deep knowledge of yourself you’ll be able to create a “user manual” for your life that’ll guide you moving forward. After completing individual therapy our members usually transition to a Men’s Group to maintain their gains and build a community.

How often should I go to therapy?

Most clients start with weekly sessions. After about a year or two it is common to drop down to every other week’s sessions. Many of our members attend bimonthly individual sessions in addition to weekly group sessions. You will work with your therapist to determine a therapy load that fits with your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Are all of your therapy services online?

Most of our therapy services are online. However, the noteable exception are our retreats which take place in Colorado. We offer two Wilderness Retreats and one Inner Quest Retreat a year. This is a great opportunity to meet your therapist and Men’s Group members in person.

What can I expect to achieve in therapy?

For most people, therapy is life changing. With enough time and effort you can expect to turn over nearly every rock in your life. We’ll help you to study and change your habitual patterns around relationships, substance use, and work. You’ll be asked to examine every part of your life and be given the opportunity to rewrite your narrative. You can expect to see improvements in all aspects of life, including those that you believed were stuck or immutable.

Do you accept insurance?

No, we do not accept insurance – all of our services are self-pay. This allows us to truly customize your therapy experience instead of having to fit into a standardized box. We do not want an insurance policy or billing code to hold us back from serving you to the best of our ability.

What are your fees?

The fee for an individual session is $200 for 50 mins. Our Men’s Groups are $300 a month for a weekly, 90 minute group. We also offer a variety of different membership plans that offer discounts if you sign up for a combination of Individual Therapy and Group.


Individual Therapy: $200 for 50 mins.
(Meets weekly or biweekly)

Men’s Group: $75 for 90 mins.
(Meets weekly)

Retreats: $450 for the weekend
(Hosted Quarterly)

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 24hr no questions asked cancellation policy. If you cancel with more than 24hrs of notice you will be able to reschedule at your convenience, if you cancel within the 24hr window or are more than 10 minutes late you will be charged the full fee for the session.

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Individual Therapy

50 min
Weekly or Biweekly

Men's Group

90 min

Men's Retreat


Payment is due at the time of the session, and credit cards will be billed automatically.

Men’s Therapy Online is an out of network provider for insurance companies, which means we do not bill health insurance companies directly, but can provide invoices for therapy sessions. Often, clients can then be reimbursed by their insurance or Flexible Spending or Health Savings Accounts. Please contact your insurance company to determine your eligibility.

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