Helping Divorced Dads Overcome Struggle & Isolation to Rebuild Better Than Ever

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Divorced Dads Face Daily Struggles

Are you struggling to navigate the complexities of life as a divorced dad? You’re not alone. Countless fathers face unique challenges after a divorce, whether it’s due to financial strain, infidelity, incompatible values, or a breakdown in trust and communication.

  • Dealing with guilt, shame, anger, loneliness
  • Spending less time with your kids
  • New financial stress & realities
  • Difficulty co-parenting & communicating effectively with your ex
  • Struggles with adapting to single life
  • Challenges in navigating future relationships

Any of these issues alone could present significant challenges for a man. When you combine them, they are a recipe for disaster. Take action now before things get worse.

Get Back on Your Feet

Our solution to helping more dads rebuild and start living a life they’re proud of is an exclusive small group and community tailored to the issues and solutions you need to get results.

The group meets weekly and consists of:

✅ Weekly small group meeting of up to 6 divorced dads like you

✅ Led by a licensed male therapist

✅ Safe & confidential environment

✅ Resources & self-improvement exercises

✅ Accountability

✅ Online Community including 24/7 slack access

Why Join the Divorced Dad’s Support Group?

Honest Conversations: Share your stories, fears, and triumphs.

Understanding Your Past: Explore how your own father’s impact shaped you. Discover which messages you want to pass on and which ones you’d like to replace.

Forge a New Path: Break the chain of toxic family patterns and create a fresh legacy for the next generation.

Tactical Advice: Our men’s group encourages open dialogue about the pressures, logistics, and compromises that come with fatherhood.

Inspiration and Motivation: We need each other to be the best men we can be. Let’s inspire and support one another.

Divorced Dads ONLY

We’ve opened up this small group to focus on the unique challenges faced by divorced dads in a private & confidential setting.

Led By Licensed Male Therapists

This is therapy for men, by men. Licensed clinicians facilitate the divorced dads group to help guide and process growth among members.

Virtual Meetings

The Divorced Dads Support Group meets virtually each week, and in the interim members stay connected through our Slack community.

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5 Star Rating

“About 3.5 years ago, I was at my lowest low. Unemployed and divorced. Marc was referred to me and it was immediately clear that his therapy approach was what I needed. Marc can balance empathy, nurture, and challenge to understand my trauma and conditioning, develop a personalized honor code, and connect me with a community of brave men on a similar journey. I believe growth and healing are ongoing, but today, I’m much closer to achieving my vision of being a mountain of strength, love, and gentle compassion for my loved ones.”

— Philip B. - MTO Member
5 Star Rating

“Marc’s capacity to stay fully in the moment, use laser focus, and a magnetic gaze engages others no matter the context. Whether in a group setting or in the midst of a large audience, Marc exudes an animated presence that also fosters community and encourages participation. Marc’s command of his subject is stellar; his capacity to facilitate is not only admirable but inspired. An opportunity to work with Marc is an entrée into a rich personal unfolding and a meaningful group experience.”

— Shira Marin, Ph.D., LMFT
5 Star Rating

“The MTO men’s group experience has allowed me to be with others who are focused on understanding their nature, their values and their masculinity to support themselves and those around them to grow and thrive”

— Scott W. - MTO Member
5 Star Rating

“Marc is a remarkable human being with an uncanny ability to adapt and evolve with cutting edge industry trends. Over the years I’ve known Marc, I’ve witnessed his tremendous potential actualized into genuine, effective leadership. The combination of Marc’s drive for knowledge, keen intelligence and dedication to his personal and professional development is an asset to anyone lucky enough to have Marc as a partner in their growth.”

— Yoon Kane LCSW, IFSCP, CGP
5 Star Rating

“Among his many strengths that make Marc an exceptional leader and therapist the one that stands out most is this: he cares – deeply. Anything Marc does, he does with all of himself. This gives the quality of his work a forceful intensity that is brilliant and seemingly boundless. Collaborating with him is not an opportunity to be missed.”

— Dr. Angelo Ciliberti PsyD LPC LAC CGP

Meet the Licensed Therapists Behind Men's Therapy Online

Marc Azoulay

Marc Azoulay


Special Proficiencies/Interests:

  • Defining and developing a masculine core
  • Substance abuse recovery
  • Overcoming social anxiety
  • Discovering and rebuilding spiritual practice
  • Leadership development
Dr. Eric Dooley-Feldman

Dr. Eric Dooley-Feldman


Special Proficiencies/Interests:

  • Performance psychology (all athletes with focus on endurance)
  • Positive organizational culture and burnout prevention
  • Adolescents & family systems
  • College Success
  • Eco-advocacy & change
Desmond Cohen

Desmond Cohen


Special Proficiencies/Interests:

  • Skillful use of technology and links to mental health
  • Substance use and behavioral change
  • Career development and advocacy
  • Power, privilege and identity
  • Late teens, adults, finding purpose and meaning

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