Mountain Initiation

Mountain Initiation

April 25, 2024

About a month ago we got hit with 4 feet of snow! In that moment, it all got real. I’ve never seen anything like that in my entire life, and, I have to admit, I was afraid. Since moving up to the mountains I’ve been challenged by situations that I’ve never faced before – burst pipes, a frozen water main, mountain lions, a leaky roof, and now 4 feet of snow.

During the storm I did what a lot of men do, I acted confident – I faked it until a made it. I “manned up” and got in my plow truck and starting driving. Except this time, I didn’t make it – my truck immediately slid down my driveway and into a tree. Now, the truck was pinned and the snow just kept coming down. My overconfidence in my abilities and inability to ask for help resulted in making the situation worse. I had tried to force something that would have been better served by patience. Toxic masculinity at it’s finest.

Over the weekend, my fiancé and I dug out the truck and out neighbor helped us to recover it. I learned a tough lesson that day – I can’t do it alone. All my life I thought that I could muscle through anything and that I didn’t need help. Sure, I could ask for help, but I was really doing them a favor – I didn’t need them. This truck incident taught me that I truly need the other people in my life. I need my community, my family, and my friends.

That day felt like an initiation. Not just to the beautiful violence of mountain weather but to the necessity of rural community. Out here we need to rely on each other and show up with times are tough. After that storm I feel so much closer to my local community and I’m grateful for the challenge that brought us all together.

I think modern society and modern men lack need, we don’t need each other to survive anymore. We can live in our little boxes, work remotely, shop online, and never meet our neighbors. That survival need is gone and with it so is community.

That’s why I created Men’s Therapy Online – to provide community to guys. The needs of the modern era aren’t so much physical as they are emotional. Most of us aren’t establishing a homestead in the frontier or fighting a war. However, I believe that the current frontier is Inner Space and we need each other when fighting our Inner Demons. We need each other to stay motivated, to reveal our blind spots, and to pick us up when we fall. Men need other Men.

Over the past quarter we’ve created more spaces for men to connect. We’ve launched a book club that just completed it’s first book and are starting to fill our retreats. Furthermore, we created a free email course that challenges toxic masculinity and outlines an alternative way of being. Lastly, we’ve added video to our podcasts to create more ways for guys to access the work we’re doing and provide role models of healthy masculinity.

As the MTO Community takes form we are committed to providing more opportunities for men to connect, heal, and grow. Expect great things.

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